remove away plus refill discount

Remove Away Plus Refill

  • 1999
  • Save $ 000

This product is a discounted refill of Remove Away Plus. You will receive a sealed plastic bag of Remove Away Plus.

The refill is sold by weight, so your plastic bag will not look "full." If you would prefer to buy a container of Remove Away Plus instead (which includes a measuring scoop), please click here.

  • Remove Away Plus contains a powerful, all-natural proprietary treatment, blended with bacteria and barley, that helps clear slimy debris from waterfalls and rocks-- and keeps it that way when used as directed.
  • We recommend treating every 2 weeks to prevent algae growth. Treat once a week for persistent algae.
  • Safe for all aquatic life.
  • Works best in water temperatures above 50°F.
  • We highly recommend you use a combination of Remove Away Plus and BioClear and Clean to keep your pond looking clear.
  • If you already have a large build up of string algae, consider using Calcium Clay and a fine debris filter also to keep algae particles from making your pond murky.



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