BioClear and Clean

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Need a refill of BioClear and Clean? We've got you covered.
  • Keep your pond water looking crystal clear and keep toxic ammonia at bay with Cool Ponds' BioClear and Clean.
  • Natural bacteria with barley promotes beneficial bacteria growth for your biological filter.
  • Throw these water-soluble packets anywhere in the pond -- easy! Each packet treats 1,000 gallons. Use weekly for best results.
  • Works best in water temperatures above 50°F. For cooler water, use Spring and Fall Prep.
  • Because this bacteria is aerobic, it grows best in highly oxygenated ponds. For the best way to oxygenate your water, use a pond aerator.
  • Safe for all aquatic life.
  • To learn everything you want to know about algae, check out our blog! And take at our clear water checklist.
  • Natural water treatments are great, but keep in mind that nature takes  time. You must have patience when using BioClear and Clean. It will be worth the wait!
  • Use this product proactively! Don't wait for green water... keep it from forming by using BioClear and Clean weekly or bi-weekly.

 bioclear and clean

Customer Reviews

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Thomas N
An amazing product

I was having trouble starting up a new pond. I tried two brands of "start up" bacteria and they did nothing. I ran across BiovClear on the internet and gave it a try. After only three days you could see an improvement. Now after about two weeks (and a total of three doses) the water visibility has gone from about 6-8" up to 24" - the depth of the pond.

We have excellent aeration (air pump with two air stones and a good pump/filter combo (Oase Filtral) and water temp has been mid 60s F and with the addition of the BioClear the results were amazing

The folks at Cool Ponds certainly know what they are doing!


Thanks so much for the review! We love this product too! Your results happed quicker than normal -- you must have a great set up. Keep using the BioClear at least every two weeks and it will now stay clear! We're happy that you're happy.

Thanks again!

Aprill Ralowicz
Made a difference

It has been about a month since I started using BioClear and Clean. The green water is pretty much gone. I think it took about a week and 2 treatments. I have not yet achieved the crystal clear water that I was hoping for. I have 8 or 9 comet Goldfish that range from 3" to 6" in a 500 gallon pond so I do not think my filters and pump are overloaded. I will be adding a submerged aeration system since I have read it helps clear cloudiness. Meantime, I will keep using BioClear and Clean since it does make a difference.

kenneth foley

We have a goldfish pond which was building up algae and green water. Our local pet supplies store that sells fish and all materials to maintain ponds sold us algae fix and algae clear which did nothing. I drained
my pond 5 times and cleaned it. Every time I filled it within days algae appeared and the water turned
green. So we went on youtube and searched for relief of our problem. We saw and ordered your BioClear
and WOW it cleared my pond so fast it is unbelievable. Thank you!

Kate Mogan
Best healthy pond solution

We have had an 800 gallon pond 30 years. We have tried chemicals, which we hate! Barley straw and extract which work to a point. I heard about Bio Clear on a Pond Blog and it is the absolute Best!! Our Pond has never been so healthy even in the hottest days of summer which are very stressful on a small pond. We even have new baby fish

Richard Wisniewski
Pea Soup

First treatment was on 6/18/22. My pond (about 850 gallons) went from pea soup to where I can see my fish down at least 10 inches! Second treatment will be today, 6/25/22, and I look forward to more clarity in the weeks to come!! May need some Muck Off Sludge next.

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