Remove Away Plus

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 Looking for just a Remove Away Plus refill? Look no further.

  • Remove Away Plus is a powerful blend of natural bacteria and barley that helps keep your pond rocks clear.
  • Use Remove Away to treat existing problems and use weekly as a great algae preventative.
  • Safe for all aquatic life.
  • Works best in water temperatures above 50°F.
  • For best results for your pond, use Remove Away Plus with BioClear and Clean to keep your pond looking clear all season long.
  • When algae begins to die off, it suspends in your pond water, turning it murky. Use Calcium Clay and a fine debris filter to filter suspended algae particles.

Please note that Remove Away Plus is sold by weight. Your container will not look "full"; however it will have the correct amount of product inside.

remove away plus

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Laura McMahon

Great product and fast shipping! Thank you, Cool Ponds!

Bob Thompson

Good product seems to be working

Constance Adkins

I have used this product for years and it is a great product. For excessive algae I use Algae off. This has been an unusual season and have had my share of algae but I blame it on the weather.

Yolanda Taylor
Great one treatment

I have used this product to help control algae along with other biological clarifiers. It does an outstanding job of starving the algae while you wait for other plants to establish for the season. You have to be consistent and patient but it is a much better option than using algae killer which can negatively impact oxygen levels in your pond. I highly recommend this product.

M Jane Harbolt
Remove away plus

It really hasn’t done that much at all in killing off the string algae. It’s still growing and algae still rises to the surface during the hotter parts of the day. I’ve used a little over half the container also

Thanks so much for your review, Jane! Remove Away Plus can take awhile to work, which is actually a good thing. You don't want algae to die off all at once too quickly - that can be harmful to your fish. We hope you stick with it!

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