Floating Plant Ring

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Keep floating plants like water hyacinth and water lettuce in one place with this vinyl tube ring. Includes lead weight and fish-safe lead to keep in place.

The ring measures 2.5 ft in diameter.

Customer Reviews

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Darren Barnard
Ours Sunk

I read a few reviews that said they had issues with the rings coming apart and some that sunk but a lot of good reviews convinced us to give them a try. Ours lasted a week before they started to sag on one side, eventually sinking. Going to see if we can return them as I do not need another thing to repair.

So sorry to hear you had an issue with our Floating Plant Ring. I have issued a refund for your purchase. You do not need to return the product.

This is not an issue we have experienced before. My only suggestion is to make sure the ring has expanded to it's normal, flat shape. As the directions say, it will need to be in the sun to warm up and become pliable to release any bends from packaging.

G Bunch
Just love these floating plant rings!

I have purchased numerous plant rings so that I can combine them to create a larger floating water hyacinth island. This is perfect for shading my koi.

Patricia Taylor
I love the plant rings.

They are perfect for keeping my water hyacinths together and away from the skimmer. I love this product and wish I had found it sooner. I will be ordering again.

Dana Wood
Works great!

Keep my water hyacinth from collecting in the corner of the pond. Makes a pretty circle of the plants and another hiding place for the fish, plus shade.. 👍🏻

Joshua Madsen
Works well

It's as advertised.

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