Total Pond Natural Treatment Tote

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Suffering through algae bloom after algae bloom takes the joy out of pond ownership. You want clear water, and we have the solution for you. Save yourself time and heartache with our Total Pond Natural Treatment Tote.

We’ve field-tested dozens of natural pond treatments over the years, and we’ve picked the treatments that work best. All the natural treatments in this tote are easy to use, and all the treatments are safe for fish, plants, and any animal that might drink from your pond.

Using these treatments once a week will keep algae at bay and keep your pond looking crystal clear all season long.

Included in this easy-to-carry tote are:

The products in this tote will treat a 1,000 gallon pond for a full season. 

When purchasing this treatment tote, you will receive 20% off normal retail price of these water treatments!


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