Winter Supplies

What do you do with your pond in winter? It's a question we get all the time. Here's a quick checklist to make sure you're prepared:

  • Decide whether you're going to run your pump or not. It really comes down to personal preference -- but decide BEFORE your pond freezes! 
  • Stop feeding your fish when the water temperature hits 50 degrees F. Don't feed them again until the water is consistently warm again in the spring.
  • Keep your fish safe from great blue heron with a floating alligator decoy.
  • Maintain a hole in the ice so your fish can still breathe -- do this either with an aerator or a de-icer. 

You can also check out our website for more winter tips.

How to Add a De-icer

Adding A De-Icer from Cool Ponds on Vimeo.


How to Set Up a Winter Airline