KA Aerator

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Model # of Plates Recommended for Pond Sizes Weighted Line Maximum Depth Wattage
KA Mini 1 diffuser stick 1,000 -- 3,000 gallons (1) 15' 4' 17 watts
KA 1 1 plate 3,000 -- 6,000 gallons (1) 25'  4' 17 watts
KA 2 2 plates 6,000 -- 16,000 gallons (2) 25' 4' 35 watts


Aerators provide oxygen to the bottom of the pond in warm summer months and keep ice form forming in winter, keeping your fish safe.

  • The diffuser stick(s) provided with the aerator diffuses oxygen-- creating many tiny bubbles which provide maximum oxygen and do not disturb surface visibility. 
  • The aerator compressor must be kept dry. See our faux stone covers for an attractive and effective option.
  • The included airline is weighted so it will sink to the bottom of the pond. 
  • Low wattage -- low monthly running cost
  • Aeration is key for having clear water.
  • Learn how to maintain your aerator.
  • Please note the KA2 unit is a special order item. It might take up to two weeks for you to receive it.


backyard pond aerator

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Machelle Pappas
Love it so far!

We’ve only had it for a few weeks but love it so far! I’m anxious to see if it keeps a home in the ice this winter. We have a little heater to keep a hole open but as many bubbles this aerator makes I may not need it.

M Jane Harbolt

Seem to be working real well, just got it in on Saturday and the fish are still getting used to it

Lawrence Cisek

Works like a champ....

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