PA Aerator

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Model # of Stones Recommended for Pond Sizes  Tubing Maximum Depth Wattage
PA 2 2 Up to 500 gallons (2) 30' 2' 4 watts
PA 4 4 Up to 1,500 gallons (4) 30' 2' 8 watts

Aerators provide oxygen to the bottom of your backyard pond in warm summer months and keep ice form forming in winter.

  • The air stones provided with the aerator diffuse oxygen-- creating many tiny bubbles which provide maximum oxygen to clear your water and keep your fish healthy and do not disturb surface visibility. 
  • The aerator compressor must be kept dry. See our faux stone covers for an attractive and effective option.
  • 30' of tubing is provided with each stone. 
  • Low wattage -- low monthly running cost.
  • Read our blog to learn all the benefits of adding an aerator to your pond. Aeration can also reduce green water.
  • These aerators should last you many years -- just follow up on their maintenance every season or two.

aerator in winter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew McClelland

It was very easy to put together. Nothing was missing from the box, and so far it's been working. The aerator itself is extremely quiet, and being able to increase the power the aerator pushes through the hoses with the knob is nice. You can get it set to not disturb so much water in the winter.

Mike Vandenberg

As always, order filled correctly and timely.

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