UltraKlear UV Clarifier

UltraKlear UV Clarifier

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The Aquascape UltraKlear UV Clarifier uses a high output UVC bulb, making it more efficient than traditional UV clarifiers. The UltraKlear UV Clarifier features a swirl sleeve that helps direct water around the UV bulb, creating more contact time and increasing UV efficiency up to 50% over traditional UV clarifiers. 

Effectively clears unsightly green (pea soup) water algae blooms. Simple to use and easy to maintain. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically to new or existing systems.

For more information about clearing green water, check out our website.

Model 1000 2500
Pond Size 1000 gal 2500 gal
Max Flow Rate  500 gph 1000 gph
Wattage 14 watts 28 watts

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