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These sturdy skimmers have been field-tested by our installation crew, and this line is used exclusively in our professional pond installations. Skimmers are used to remove debris from the water and to provide a safe, unobtrusive housing for your pump.

Because of its size, the Large model is available for in-store pick up only. 

Included with each skimmer is a debris net, a filter pad or filter brush, and face plate with weir door. Pump is not included. 

We highly recommend pairing skimmers with a biological filterfalls for the most effective water clarifying combo.


 Model Small Medium Large
Weir Width 6" 6" 9"
Internal Water Depth 14.5" 15.5" 17.5"
Max Pump Flow Rate 3900 gph 4000 gph 7000 gph
Dimensions 17.75" W x 19.5" D x 19.5" H 19.5" W x  26" D x  22" H 25" W x 30"D x 24"" H
Filtering Net, Mat Net, Filter Brush Net, Filter Brush


 crystal clear pond from skimmer

Keep your pond crystal clear with a skimmer!

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