Pressure Filter with UV Light

Pressure Filter with UV Light

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Keep water clear and healthy with this easy to use external filter! Great for use in a new or existing pond. 
  • This external pressure filter can be spliced into an existing line-- add it to your existing waterfall!
  • Biological filtration inside grows beneficial bacteria to keep water clear and healthy.
  • Cleaning is a breeze: this is a back-flush system. When the pressure filter needs to be cleaned (remove built up debris and muck), a light on top of the filter indicates that the filter needs cleaned. Attach a small section of hose to the back-flush nozzle, turn the central valve, and watch until the dirty water pouring out of your filter runs clear! 
  • A UV clarifier is mounted inside the unit. This will kill any single-celled algae cells that are filtered through. The UV bulb is 14 watts and includes an optional timer so you don't have to run it all day.
  • Aquascape brand
  • For ponds up to 2,000 gallons
  • Any pump stronger than 2,700 gallons per hour will be too strong and prevent proper filtration. We recommend using this solids handling pump.
  • For more information about keeping your water clear, check out our website.

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