PA Aerator

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Model # of Stones Recommended for Pond Sizes  Tubing Maximum Depth Wattage
PA 2 2 Up to 500 gallons (2) 30' 2' 4 watts
PA 4 4 Up to 1,500 gallons (4) 30' 2' 8 watts
  • Aerators provide oxygen to the bottom of the pond in warm summer months and keep ice form forming in winter.
  • The air stones provided with the aerator diffuse oxygen-- creating many tiny bubbles which provide maximum oxygen and do not disturb surface visibility. 
  • The aerator compressor must be kept dry. See our stone covers for an attractive and effective option.
  • 30' of tubing is provided with each stone. 
  • Low wattage -- low monthly running cost
  • The included air stones are guaranteed to be in operational order upon delivery but have no warranty. These stones are fragile, so do no pull on the white hose connection.
  • For more information about the great benefits of an aerator, check out our blog. Aeration can also reduce green water.

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