algae defense

Algae Defense

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  • Formulated for fast acting results, Pond Logic Algae Defense can be applied directly to algae and chara to treat both floating and bottom-forming algae.
  • 1 gallon bottle treats up to 8000 square feet
  • Algae Defense carries no water use restrictions, making it great for fresh water lakes, potable water reservoirs, and game fish ponds.
  • Algae Defense should be applied directly to algae while it is active and growing. Treat one third of your total algae mass for the first application. Wait two weeks before treating the next third, and another two weeks for the final third.
  • We recommend using Treatment Booster Plus for more effective results.
  • Algae Defense cannot be shipped to AL, CA, CT, District of Columbia, HI, ME, NJ, NY, Puerto Rico, RI, or WA. 
  • Full product label
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • See dosage chart below for dosage rates. Combine Algae Defense in a tank sprayer with water for easy application.
Treatment Area (In Square Feet) Algae Defense (In Gallons) Water (In Gallons)
2000 1/4 2 1/2
4000 1/2 5
8000 1 10

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