Large Pond and Lake Fountain

Our fountains are designed to be purchased in an easy to install kit, using top of the line components. They are easy to care for and will last you and your family for many years!

Below are the specifications for each kit and the optional add-ons. Since each system is so customizable, we ask that you please purchase our fountains from our brick and mortar store or over the phone (317-786-3670).

Complete Fountain Kit

Please note that prices listed are base prices and do include additional power cord segments or optional accessories. For a complete price for your fountain, please contact us.

Complete Fountain Kit Base Price (includes everything in the table below): $1,699.99

  Floating Fountain Ring and 1/2 HP Fountain Pump -- with Stainless Steel Wrapped Motor Lead
Power Cord With Strain Relief -- with Underwater Quick Disconnect
Control Panel with Timer and Photocell -- Controls both the Fountain and Optional LED Lights

Three Spray Patterns: Classic (top), Crown & Trumpet (center), and Trumpet (bottom)



Optional Accessories


LED Light Kit -- Includes lights and power cord. Kits include anywhere from 2 to 8 lights and several cord length options

Starts at $699.99 

Mooring Kit (in 150', 250', or 500' options)

$99.99 -- $199.99


Double Arch & Geyser Optional Spray Pattern 


Single Arch Optional Spray Pattern


Double Arch Optional Spray Pattern