Buying Water Plants from Cool Ponds

How To Purchase Water Plants From Cool Ponds

Spring is finally here! And we are so excited to get our water plants in and help you beautify your water feature. As of Tuesday, May 26, we are selling our plants here on our online store for curbside pick-up only (we are not able to ship). You may shop for plants in person as well. Please observe our safety guidelines when doing so.

When we receive your online order, we will contact you to set a date and time for you to pick up your plants. If we receive your order by 2pm, you can pick up your plants the same day. We are maintaining hours of Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 5pm, so pick-up orders will be arranged during that time. 

Please note that plants must be purchased before pickup. We cannot hold any plants that have not been purchased. Thanks for your understanding! 

We have tried to put as much information as possible here on this page and on each individual plant page, but if we've missed a question you might have, you may reach us via email or phone 317-786-3670.


Curbside Pickup

After you receive an email from us noting that your order is ready for pickup, you may arrive any time Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm. If you will not be able to pick up your order for several days, please let us know so that we do not pull your plants too early.

You will receive instructions in your "pickup is ready" email for where to go and how to let us know you've arrived.

Please note that unless you are able to pick up plants from our store, we will refund your plant purchase. At this time, we are unable to ship any water plants.


How Plants Are Sold


Hardy and tropical marginals are sold in quart pots. Every plant is full and healthy -- we take very good care of our water plants! 

Water Lilies

Hardy water lilies are sold in plastic gallon containers with holes in the bottom and clay potting media. We strongly recommend that you repot water lilies in a mesh bag using our aquatic plant media and fertilizer stakes. The clay will muck up your water, and water lilies can easily overtake a pond if not contained. You can see how we repot our water lilies in this video.

Floating Plants

Water hyacinth and water lettuce are sold in groups of 5. We will give them to you bare-rooted in a plastic bag. They do not need water for the trip to your home. In fact, they travel via plane from Florida to us in no water at all! 


What Do Tropical and Hardy Mean?

Marginals and water lilies both come in tropical and hardy varieties. Tropical plants will not survive our winters and must either be brought indoors in winter or treated as a garden annual and thrown out. Don't overlook tropicals because of their annual nature, however! Tropical plants are some of the most vibrant and fast-growing of water plants.

Hardy plants will overwinter in Indiana. You can leave them outdoors. They will go dormant around October and begin coming back in April and May. 


Planting Guide


Marginals grow best when planted directly into river rock. Take the plant out of the plastic quart pot, rinse off the dirt, and plant the marginal right into rock. Seriously! 

You can keep marginals potted if you would like. Make sure they have access to water always, and be mindful of the individual plant's water preferences. Some like to be in deeper water than others.

You can read more on our blog about planting marginal plants.

Water Lilies

As we've mentioned, we strongly recommend that you plant your water lilies in our drawstring mesh bags with our potting media and fertilizer stakes. It's important to note that water lilies can overtake a pond quite easily. Trust us: save yourself the headache later on and do some repotting now

Floating Plants

Water hyacinth and water lettuce are meant to grow bare-rooted on the surface of your pond. There's no planting necessary. We do recommend using our floating plant rings to keep the plants anchored in place instead of floating into your skimmer.


Why Should You Have Water Plants? 

Don't get us wrong: water plants turn a man-made hole in the ground to a beautiful paradise. But aesthetics aren't the only reason to have water plants! 

Water plants are a necessary part of a pond's ecosystem. Marginals and floating plants specifically compete with algae for nutrients. Can water plants keep your water clear? Yes!

It's important to note that water lilies do not help keep water clear. Their purpose is mainly aesthetic, though they do provide shade and shelter for fish.